Surgery Clinics

If you would like to book one of these clinics, please book your appointment online, or contact us on 020 8427 1246.


Cervical Smears – All women under the age of 65 years are entitled to and should have cervical smear tests. A smear test detects cancer of the neck of the womb and is carried out at 3 yearly intervals from the age of 25 – 49 years and 5 yearly intervals from the age of 50 – 64 years. The test is done to help prevent cervical cancer and not to diagnose cancer. Cervical smear tests are performed by our practice nurse.
Mammographic/Breast Screening – We recommend that all women over the age of 50 years participate in the National Breast Screening Programme offered by the NHS.
Bowel Cancer Screening – We advise all our patients aged over 60 years to participate in the National Bowel Screening Programme organised by Public Health. This is a rolling programme that occurs between the ages of 60 and 70 years. You will be sent a kit to screen for possible bowel cancer every 2 years. Bowel cancer is a very treatable disease if caught early. Ask for more information if you are not sure or have questions. If you need to request a replacement kit, we do not keep any in the practice, please ring 0800 707 6060.
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)/Asthma – All our patients with COPD/Asthma should have an annual review with the practice nurse. Please contact reception to book an appointment.
Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) – All our CHD patients should have a yearly review with the practice nurse. Please speak to reception for further information.
Diabetes Review – All our patients with diabetes should be seen annually. You will need an appointment for a blood test to show how well managed your blood sugar level is as well as checking your cholesterol and kidney function. A follow up appointment 1 week later with a nurse allows us to optimise your treatment and check for complications.
Smoking Cessation – A free professional service is provided by local pharmacies (Harrow Stop Smoking Programme) including prescribing of Nicotine replacements. For further advice contact: 020 8966 1008. We also have a list of local participating pharmacy’s in the surgery waiting room.
Family Planning Services – We offer a range of family planning services including contraception services (pill, injection, condoms etc), advice on safe sex, confidential services for under 16 years, emergency contraception and referral for termination of pregnancy.
Antenatal Care – We provide antenatal care in conjunction with the Midwifery Team. You can contact the Midwife on the telephone number provided at your booking appointment. Alternatively you can make an appointment to see a doctor at the surgery for routine antenatal care as per the schedule in your maternity notes. You will be expected to provide a urine sample. Please bring your maternity notes to all appointments.
Minor Surgery – We have been approved by the Primary Care Trust to carry out Cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is a technique that may be used in the treatment of viral warts and some other skin conditions. Please contact reception for more information. Dr Kesha Amin is also able to perform joint injections for those patients that may require this.
Child Health and Baby Clinic – Childhood vaccinations are provided at the surgery. Please refer to the NHS immunisations website for the up-to-date child immunisation schedule. Child 6-8 week checks are performed by the doctors. PLEASE BRING YOUR RED BOOK WITH YOU TO APPOINTMENTS.
Postnatal Check – The 6 week postnatal check for mothers is performed by the doctors. Please make an appointment at reception.
Dieticians Clinic – Community dieticians from Northwick Park hospital carry out sessions at the surgery.
District Nurses – We have a team of experienced district nurses who provide nursing care and support to patients who are housebound, recovering after an operation etc. These include specialist nurses for Incontinence, Diabetes, Stoma Care, Palliative Care, Infection Control, and Intravenous Therapy.
Health Visitors – The Health Visitor is mainly based at The Caryl Thomas for advice on feeding, developmental and behavioural issues. Child Health Clinics also run at other locations (see below). At these clinics your baby can be weighed and you can discuss any issues of concern with the Health Visitor. You and your baby are welcome to attend any of the Child Health Promotion Clinics in or around your area. The Health Visitor can be contacted at: Caryl Thomas Clinic: 020 8427 4484, Cedars Children’s Centre: 020 8736 6222, Gange Children’s Centre: 020 8427 0193, Wealdstone Centre: 020 8420 9430. Appointments not required. Please call for clinic times and bring your Red Book.
Non-NHS Services – The NHS does not cover certain services and a fee is charged for such services in accordance with British Medical Associations Scale of Recommended Fees. A list of current services and charges is displayed in the waiting room. Please speak to a receptionist for further details.
Travel Immunisations – If you are travelling abroad please contact our nurse at least 6-8 weeks before your departure, as this will allow sufficient time for your immunisation. Some travel immunisations may incur a private fee and the nurse or reception staff will be able to inform you of these. We do not provide travel advice over the telephone. We are a Yellow Fever Centre authorised by the World Health Organisation. You can find out which vaccinations are necessary or recommended for the areas you will be visiting here NHS Fit for Travel. You can also obtain further information from NHS Choices website.